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About LinYuan

Lü Linyuan, Professor, doctoral supervisor, winner of the National Natural Science Foundation of Outstanding Youth Science Fund. Focus on research in the field of network information mining. More than 80 SCI papers were published in related fields. SCI cited more than 8,900 times, google quoted more than 16,000 times, and 10papers were selected as ESI Top-1% high-cited papers. Publications included Physics Reports, PNAS, and Nature. Communications etc. Applied for 21 invention patents, among them 14 were issued. The 2013 academic monograph "Link Forecasting" won the first prize of the 4th China University Publishing House Book Award for Outstanding Academic Works; in 2014, "The Basic Theory and Key Algorithms of Network Information Extraction" won the second prize of the Natural Science Award of the Chinese Computer Society. Awards; 2013 CCF-Tencent Rhinoceros Birds Research Fund Outstanding Award and Outstanding Patent Award; Zhejiang Province Outstanding Young Scientists Fund in 2015; National Fund Outstanding Youth Fund in 2016; Scientific Chinese People of the Year “Outstanding Youth” in 2016 "Scientist Award"; in 2017 won the honor of "the most beautiful people in science and technology in Zhejiang Province." In 2019, she got the MIT "35 Global Undergraduates of Science and Technology Under 35". She has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Network Science Society, a member of the journal(IJMPC) editorial board, a member of the Complex Network and System Control Committee of the Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, a member of the Standing Committee of the Social Media Processing Professional Committee of the Chinese Chinese Information Society, and a member of the Standing Committee of the Network Science and Engineering Professional Committee.